Dublin AIDS Alliance Annual Report (2010)

2010 Selection

Designed by Joseph Teehan at Subliminal

Printer: Plus Print

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Charitable

As part of a brief to design their visual identity in 2011, the Dublin AIDS Alliance asked me to design their annual report for 2010. The report was to be designed, for their funders, on a very low print budget.

My biggest challenge was that the document was extremely text heavy and there was little space to work with. The document would have to start on the inside front cover and run right to the back in order to fit.

I decided on a dynamic typographic approach. Each spread should flow yet be completely different on every page. To keep the costs down I used just 2 colours throughout which gave the document a strikingly modern look. I wanted to create the most informative and visually appealing tables I could possibly create using one colour. This would compensate for the lack of images and graphics and would highlight the most important sections.

So as not to make the document look cheap, I decided to bind the report with red staples. The red staples seemed fitting as a reminder of the permanency of HIV and the stigma related to it. A minimalist cover was then designed to highlight them.