Dublin Fringe


Designed by Scott Burnett and Stacie Heffernan at Aad

Photographer: Andrew Rankin

Stylist: Jo Linehan

Categories: Promotional

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Digital / Campaign / Art direction / Photography

This is our 9th year working with Fringe. From the very beginning our aim has been to develop an identity and campaigns that are an integral part of the organisation and what they do, rather than just something that ‘represents’ or interprets them.

The thinking is to use the campaign as a platform to champion new voices, faces, ideas and work from the Fringe. Supporting emerging talent is a core value of the festival, so why not carry that through to promoting it.

We photographed talented artists, writers and performers, all of whom are part of this years festival. The images are essentially a portfolio of artist portraits, capturing real people at a particular period in time, but transforming them with neon lighting so that they become guides to the exciting, atmospheric world of fringe.

It was also an opportunity to work with emerging photographic talent. This year we worked with a young Belfast native, now based in Dublin – Andrew Rankin.

The images are used across web, print and posters, acting as a striking campaign for Fringe 2016, as well as providing an introduction to some of the most exciting works at this years festival.