Dublin One Brand Identity


Designed by Simon Richards and Muireann McNulty at RichardsDee

Strategy: Amanda Smith

Creative Director: Simon Richards

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Dublin One is a vibrant and diverse district at the heart of Dublin that spans from O’Connell Street to Capel Street and from Parnell Street to the end of Liffey Street, with Henry Street at it’s core.

As part of a project to engage with Dublin City Council to increase footfall and dwell time transforming one of the busiest shopping hubs in the country into a destination where people can live, work, shop, eat, relax and be entertained, DublinTown and local business owners commissioned us to create an identity that resonates with local, national and international audiences.

Celebrating not just the physical location but also the individual characters that make up the area we created the brand positioning “Heart and Soul”. It speaks to the blend of old and new, heritage and living culture and the authentic and diverse experiences on offer.

We developed an identity inspired by Dublin One’s contrasts. The brandmark is a mix of traditional and contemporary typography. A bespoke typeface, iconography and pattern created from the shapes of the streets, highlights the area’s unique neighbourhoods.

All this, combined with a distinctly local tone of voice makes it authentic, exciting and unpredictable – just like Dublin One.