Designed by Stephen Mac Devitt (Freelance)

Electrician and programming: Stephen Kearns

Construction: Patrick Young

Build: Brian Kearns

Categories: Environmental

Industry: Cultural

Body & Soul commissioned 'Echoes' as a light installation that would function as a gateway for the Body & Soul festival and for Electric Picnic 2016 & 2017.

‘Echoes’ uses the power of repetition and offset. A series of custom build LED triangles are arranged in series and offset creating a helix, an echo and a playful tilt.

The use of repetition has always been a powerful inceptor while symmetry has been associated with reflection and dialogue. Echoes takes this concept and literally twists it, bending it on it’s axis creating a helix, changing the 2 dimensional echo into a new 3 dimensional space, upsetting the repetition. This new shape shares features with both the helix and it’s DNA associations and the fibonacci sequence, depending on where you look at it. It encourages the viewer to move around and see it from different angles changing the shapes and patterns as the bespoke animations run on a continuous loop.