2020 Selection

Designed by Conor English and Calvin Doyle at Studio Great

Illustration: Chloe Egan

Graphic Design: Ali Heavey

Categories: Identity

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Illustration / Digital / Rebrand / Website / Logo


Egans is a real estate agency based in Mullingar, co. Westmeath. After being in business for over thirty years they felt that it was time for a change. In 2020 they decided to rebrand. The aim of the rebrand was to connect with a new audience and generate more business. 

We helped Egans with a full rebrand. This encompassed renaming, brand identity design, brand strategy, website development, shopfront design, and signage. 

The rebrand had to make Egans feel more approachable and friendly. Generally people are never thrilled about connecting with real estate agencies and we wanted to change that. We wanted to make the customer's experience as easy as possible. This is where the tagline “Egans makes it easier” came from. 

With Egans ethos of “making it easier” in mind, we developed the brand. Through illustrations, a fun colour palette, and clever copy we achieved what we set out to do, makes Egans brand feel fresh, approachable, and friendly. 

The rebrand was a huge success. Egans have continued to grow a new community of customers who continuously generate new business.