Encycle Website

Designed by Damian Cranney, Stephen Shaw and Andrew McHugh at Big Motive

Developer: Nils Sanderson

Categories: Website

Industry: Commercial

Website: encyclestudios.com/

Encycle Studios are a global animation studio that produce original content as well as commercial animation for global brands in partnership with their network of award-winning directors.

Collaborating with Encycle, our challenge was to design a website that reflects the studio’s ambition as well as capturing its values. We set about designing a site that feels fluid and dynamic as well showcasing the collaborative spirit of the Encycle team and its network of producers and directors.

We designed and developed a mobile first site that that allows potential clients and partners to find and view content in numerous contexts. Each example of Encycle’s work is connected to similar projects linked by genre, style or director. Directors are given creative control to arrange their own pages within the site and background colours are auto-generated from project images.

The site was developed in AngularJS, enabling the interface to adapt to various screen sizes. Individual pages reveal animated content progressively to maximize the effect of scrolling. And naturally, the site itself uses animation in site-wide interactions to text, images and layouts to life.