Enignum and other stories (2011)

2011 Selection

Designed by David Smith at Atelier David Smith

Print and Production: MM Art Book Print and Repro

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

Enignum and other projects, catalogues the work of Irish furniture maker Joseph Walsh. Internationally acclaimed, his furniture is distinguished by its craftsmanship and the complexity of the forms carved from different woods to create unique pieces of furniture. The book was produced in a landscape format due to the scale and dimensions of these meticulously crafted objects. The material quality of the book was central to its success and had to reflect the tactile quality of the works created in his studio and the texture of the landscape around his West Cork studio. Coarse untreated linen is used to cover the book block and the innerwork is printed on super matte paper to accentuate the tactile nature of his work.