Designed by Brian Kenny at Lightscape

Concept: Brian Kenny

Art Direction & Motion Graphics: Alexandra Morehead

Audio: Anton Kowlaski

Projectionists: CAVS

Producers: Eventco

Categories: Moving Image

Industry: Cultural

Website: lightscape.ie/epoch

This projection mapping piece was designed to reflect the concept of the ‘Epoch’, meaning “An extended period of time, esp. one in which there are new advances and great change.”

We wove in visual representations of issues highlighted by our ever changing climate. Doing so, we hoped to encourage our audience to think about their impact on our world whilst revealing an interesting array of circumstances through the visuals.The building chosen as the projection canvas had endured periods of reconstruction throughout the years exposing old and new brickwork further enforcing the concept of 'epoch'.

The 3.30-minute-long animation evolves over four stages with scenes showing both a bleak cemented vision of the world and an enchanting ethereal picture of hope.

The design process involved detailed 3d models of the structure, creating a source of energy for the animation within the scenes and resolving an architectural change from one stage to the next like a transformer. These scenes included a representation of the interiors and a decorative gold coat washed over the facade. The animation was projection mapped onto Christ Church Cathedral on 31st December, welcoming the New Year and relaying the message that our actions today will impact the future.