Errors are for Discovery (Street Art)

Designed by Danielle Townsend at Danielle Townsend Design

Categories: Typeface

Industry: Civic

Tags: Typography


The brief was to brighten up Dublin City, by creating a unique artwork for a chosen traffic light box. The area for the box must play an integral part in the design.

The quote is taken from our most infamous author James Joyce, who wrote about Dublin’s Quays frequently. This quote is fitting in that it aims to inspire people to overcome their own personal ‘errors’ to discover their strengths and is intended to be inspirational. The typeface has been created specifically for the project and is a nod to a modern Ireland made up of makers and creatives who are passionate about our city. It mimics the pop-out toys of yester-year that many of us grew up with and the palette is fresh and exciting to mirror the vibrancy of what is in my opinion the best city in the world! The blue triangle points to the many paths we can take in life, and the intention was for this object to appear as though floating over the top of the type.