ET66: 5,537 (2011)

We designed this poster for Curate & Design’s exhibition ‘Less But Better: The Design Ethos of Dieter Rams’. The poster ET66: 5,537 depicts one of the German industrial designer Dieter Rams’ most iconic products, which embodies his simple aesthetic and functional approach: the ET66 calculator. One of the most notable elements in the calculator is the replacement of the once-standard sliding on-off switch with circular, coloured buttons. We emphasised this innovation by depicting only three buttons within a black form. The approach echoes Rams’ own notion that good design incorporates as little design as possible, a message reinforced by the number which appears in the LCD display of the illustrated calculator: which reads as LESS when viewed upside down.

The poster has been added to the Department of Architecture and Design’s Permanent collection at The Art Institute of Chicago.