EUMETSAT Brand Blueprint

2011 Selection

Designed by Tony Matthews at CI Studio


Categories: Print

Industry: Corporate

Based in Frankfurt, Germany, EUMETSAT was formed in 1986 with the primary task of monitoring weather, climate and the environment from space. The brief involved designing a new corporate style for all its communication material.

The challenge was to not only address the issues with the existing positioning and brand architecture, but to create a strong visual solution that was supported by brand guidelines that in itself would help to inspire the EUMETSAT staff to engage with their brand in a more meaningful way.

The brand structure revolved around five core channels which were differentiated through colour. An illustrative style was developed from the globe shape of the existing brand mark, which works throughout varying graphics and imagery. A strict grid system was applied to the design to aid the application of the style consistently. The project culminated in the creation of a thorough and complex printed brand blueprint.