Europe's Changing CX Environment


Designed by Aleksandra Kulecka at Qualtrics

Creative Director: Stewart West

Creative Director: John Johnson

Copywriter: Todd Bagnull

Categories: Printed Publication / Print

Industry: Corporate

This report has been created based on data from a research study conducted by Qualtrics in conjunction with Engage Business Media exploring key customer experience trends across Europe. It contains highlights illuminating what customers expect in today’s environment and acts as a roadmap for possible improvements to business models.

The document has been designed with both print and digital in mind, where its initial purpose was being distributed in book format to the attendees of the Customer Engagement Summit. It has since been available in digital form to be used by the sales team when dealing with clients and prospects.

The report was structured in a manner prioritising clarity of information and flexibility in reading order. Each of the key insights is contained in its own section, based on the same structural system allowing the reader to get the information they seek at a glance.