Exploring The Visual Identity of Cities

2017 Selection

Designed by Eva Shortt at Limerick School of Art & Design

MA by Research Supervisor: Eamon Spelman

MA by Research Supervisor: Joe Lane

Categories: Editorial

Industry: Cultural

This project puts forth, what can be described as, a proposal for a city considering the development of a visual identity. The limited edition document contains the thesis which explores the concept of visual identity within the public entities of our cities. The project was undertaken as part of Limerick City of Culture 2014 and therefore the context of Limerick city plays a role in the formation of the research and findings.

Enclosed within the expandable folder are individual publications that examine the key concepts of authenticity, inclusion and participation and trust and leadership. The expanding file makes reference to this flexible and layered formation of both our cities and their identities as well as the constant process of development and evolution within which, they and their identities, exist. It also acknowledges the need for each element or concept to be part of a whole but to also operate as a separate entity that can be accessed with ease. The design and format of each publication attempts to engage the reader and demonstrate each of the research findings. The delicate and transparent nature of authenticity is played out across one continuous roll of 80gm munken pure stock, the layout of each impacting upon the next, referencing the constant attempt to remain genuine in communicating an identity. While participation and inclusion extends an invitation to the reader to engage with the folded 3 poster piece in order to gain further knowledge. Finally the mutual relationship of trust and leadership is demonstrated across two formats which require one another in order to form a full picture.