Fabulous Beast – Identity (2012)

2012 Selection

Designed by David Wall and Conor Nolan at WorkGroup

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Theatre / Stationery

Fabulous Beast is a dance theatre company, based in the Irish midlands and touring internationally.

Having had a very successful run with an interpretation of Stravinsky's ‘Rite of Spring’ in the Barbican, London, the company went through a period of change, with a change of personnel, alongside a thematic change in direction. Director Michael Keegan-Dolan needed an identity that would reflect the upheaval and uncertainty of the time but that would still remain true to the company, and that would be usable for them as they explored new creative avenues.

Our response was a ‘transitional’ identity. We set up a Tumblr page where Michael and ourselves shared images that were linked to the productions that he was working on and to references that we were looking at. Over a period of months, we created stamps – drawing from the themes and ideas we had shared online – that would serve as temporary logos for the company, to be used on pre-printed stationery.