Face Forward Site [2015]

2015 Selection

Designed by Simon Sweeney and Seán Mongey at Post and BONG

Clare Bell & Brenda Dermody: Identity

Categories: Website

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography / Interactive

Website: faceforward.typography.ie

We were asked by Typography Ireland to produce a website for the inaugural International Typography Conference they were organising, Face Forward. The conference aimed to blur the lines between academic and professional practice within typography and present a range of speakers from both camps that explored and engaged in dialogue around the crossover between these areas.

We designed and developed a programme website that incorporated the conference information and schedule in a digestible manner. The key aesthetic element we created was an interactive interpretation of the conference’s identity. The emblem — designed by Clare Bell and Brenda Dermody — consisted of a series of horizontal and vertical lines in two colours. We used this emblem as the basis for an interaction which (based on the users mouse input) played with the ideas of construction and deconstruction through perspective. We felt this had apt resonance when compared to the nature of the conference’s aims of cross discipline dialogue.