Designed by Scott Burnett, Kevin Horan, Rory Bradley and Brian Heffernan at Aad

Categories: Website / Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Film


Fail Safe Films are an award-winning Dublin based production company with a no-nonsense approach to film making. They came to us to help them design a new website to help them showcase their body of work. However on further discussion a core challenge became clear. They were building a name for themselves in two parallel areas – Producing and directing for film and TV and creating content for brands and businesses.

We leveraged the existing brand to produce not one, but two new connected identities: Strangelove who work with clients to bring their stories to life; and Failsafe who write, direct and produce short and feature length productions.

The two identities share a story (both are names of films about the cold war), a bold and simple typographic system and a monochromatic colour palette. These allow the emphasis to be on the quality of the cinematography while referencing their love of genre film-making.

The two sites utilise a single CMS making it easy for them to manage and create a seamless link between them. They use large full screen images to set a cinematic tone, and each site conveys a clear proposition and showcases the quality of their work clearly to a particular audience.