Féile Na Gréine

2019 Selection

Designed by Hugh Heffernan at Piquant Media

Live Video : Graham Patterson

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural

Féile Na Gréine is a music festival that takes place in Limerick city. The festival takes the form of a music trail across the city and showcases the best in emerging and left-field Irish music. The festival connects audiences with unconventional artists in an inclusive and celebratory environment. We were tasked with creating a festival brand identity that would resonate strongly in the digital social media space. We developed a series of photorealistic 3d animations to visually represent the eclectic and divergent music from the festival. The bold colour palette along with abstract 3d shapes were used to develop a unique graphic that represented each artist at the festival. The 3d generation method allowed for unique expressions of the brand graphic across print and digital. The brand intends to be acerbic and challenging in order to foster a sense of openness to the artistic offering of the festival.