Fingal Arts Plan 2013–2017

2014 Selection

Designed by David Smith at Atelier David Smith

Illustrator: Denise Nestor

Print & Production: MM Artbook Print & Repro

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Annual report / Illustration

The Fingal Arts Plan 2013 is the county’s second strategic plan for the Arts. The resounding success of the original plan had resulted in all stakeholders having a mature and developed view and perspective on the value of the Arts in the county. With this maturity came confidence that afforded us as designers an opportunity to produce a series of documents that eschewed the hackneyed representation of the Arts at national and local government level.

As the reports were modest in their extent our intention was to focus on the presentation of the core texts without additional photography of artworks, education, community or artistic activities.

As the Raven and the Wren are symbolic birds for the county – and the Roseate Tern exclusive to the Fingal – we identified birds “of land and sea” and assigned artistic values to each to represent the key areas that Fingal Arts Office are involved in: Music, Literature, Theatre and Art.

Illustrated by Denise Nestor each illustration is based on one of the four seasons, and optically constructed to sit within basic geometric shapes, to further emphasise the fundamental building blocks of the Visual Arts.

Comprising of two volumes, English and Irish, each report is housed in a simple card sleeve. Additionally a presentation set, shown here – made of 3mm Acryl, screen printed and custom formed to fit – was made for the singer-sewn documents.