With 60% of dogs around the world suffering with obesity and 80% of dogs over the age of three experiencing gum disease, FishDish offers a healthy alternative dog snack to dog lovers. Containing one simple ingredient, FishDish dog snacks and made with 100% sustainably sourced Atlantic cod. As a complete dog lover living in Donegal off the coast of the Wild Atlantic Ocean, FishDish founder Karl noticed a gap in the market for premium fish dog snacks. 

We were tasked with constructing a custom built fully responsive e-commerce site that reflects the nutritional health benefits of the one ingredient dog snack. As well as seeking a fully responsive website, the FishDish team also needed a full suite of social media accounts to further promote the dog food products to customers and retailers alike. 

Most e-commerce websites have a very minimalistic black and white look, and nowadays it's not often you find something original. Under that point of view, Fish dish is very creative with its playful patterns and colourful palette. Working closely with our design team we were able to apply the brand’s colourful and playful identity across a fully responsive custom built website. There's a sense of harmony across the website, product range and social media. Something important to note also is that all of the imagery on the website is custom. The site also takes an ‘edutainment’ approach with a host of different facts and statistics on why dogs should live a healthier lifestyle, which helps to promote the functional benefits of the product to dog owners.