For Conor


Designed by Stephen Mac Devitt (Freelance)

Construction: Patrick Young

Electrican: Stephen Kearns

Build: Brian Kearns

Photography: Allen Kiely

Categories: Environmental

Industry: Cultural

‘For Conor’ is a sound and light installation commissioned by Another Love Story (ALS) for their festival in 2016 & 2017, conceived as a space to remember the musician Conor Walsh who tragically passed away. It was built in the woods of the festival in an abandoned chapel.

‘For Conor’ consisted of two installations. The first part is the chapel itself, it’s interior lit up by 9 custom built LED bars that ran a bespoke light sequence in time with Conor’s music. Buried deep in the forest it rewarded the adventurous creating a space for reflection and conversation. During the day it was a meditative space, calm in the forest air. Later at night the installation evolved, shadows and textures dramatically increasing as the neon colours bounce off walls and trees that surround.

Nearby the chapel was the second part - ‘Rise Up’. 10 LED bars arranged between three trees with their own viewing bench allowed the viewers to take a seat, take a photo, or to just take a moment while the bespoke light sequence changed the environment around them. The installations winged formation and use of light gave a nod to rebirth and the phoenix.

The juxtaposition of the tech and the natural, combined with the unforeseen interaction of cast shadows and textures, in situ with Conor Walsh’s music aim to create a space to for the viewer to get a little lost, to be taken out of the ordinary and most of all to enjoy and reflect.