Freethought FM


Designed by Noelle Cooper and Colin Farmer at Unthink

Illustration: Garrett Phelan

Categories: Printed Publication / Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Contemporary art / Typography / Visual art / Bookdesign / Social / Education

Free Thought FM housed a series of conversations in the Douglas Hyde Gallery from the 15th of March to the 25th of May 2019. Artist Garrett Phelan commissioned this book to capture the ideas, concerns and solutions that arose from over 70 days of addressing issues related to class inequality and access to education in Ireland.

More than a project archive, this book is also intended to function as a manual for practitioners and interested parties to explore the subject of education and class.

Documentary photography, academic essays and insightful diagrams populate the pages. Inspired by this pragmatic, manual-like nature, we selected a grotesque typeface with a slight calligraphic edge to inject an idiosyncratic charm. A limited colour palette brings order and consistency to the diverse content. We chose uncoated recycled stock to reinforce the utilitarian aesthetic.