Fringe 2015

2015 Selection

Designed by Scott Burnett and Stacie Heffernan at Aad

Photographer: Cait Fahey

Categories: Promotional / Publication

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Art direction / Photography


Our approach to working with the Fringe has been consistent over the 8 years. Our plan has always been that whatever is used to represent the fringe on covers and in campaigns, should be of the fringe rather than something designed purely to grab attention. In many ways the 2015 campaign is the clearest activation of that strategy. In consultation with the Fringe team we established that what was unique about them was their focus on new and emerging talent and ideas. Building on this, our strategy was simply to create a folio of portraits of fringe artists who were doing something new and exciting this year, and to work with an emerging photographer to produce the shots. The images would not only be used in the campaign but also presented as an exhibition at the festival hub. The resulting series by photographer Cait Fahey worked as a striking and attention grabbing campaign for the festival and as an archive of Fringe activity.