From Ballots to Bullets


Designed by Diarmuid Slattery, David Garavin and Declan Behan at New Graphic

Categories: Environmental

Industry: Cultural

‘From Ballots to Bullets’ charts two turbulent and defining years in Irish life, 1918 and 1919. The relative order at the end of WW1 is broken as a series of events unfold that will eventually lead to the birth of the Irish nation. The exhibition depicts momentous events such as women’s suffrage, the global flu pandemic, the key general election of 1918, the first meeting of Dáil Eireann and end’s with the first shots fired in the War of Independence. Ireland who started 1918 fighting alongside Britain is now fighting against it. 

The political upheaval is juxtaposed with ephemera from everyday life. People still went to the theatre, they went to Gaelic Football matches and they wanted Bovril to protect them from the flu! 

The design mirrored the events, a backdrop of a relatively ordered blue area, gradually becomes greener, more broken and eventually smashes as Ireland finds itself at War with Britain. This temporary exhibition was printed on a 100% recyclable Honeycomb board.