Designed by Rocky Grennell and Jacqui Quail at designworks

Martin Gaffney: Strategy

Jacqui Quail: Illustrator

Clare Mason: Project Manager

Categories: Packaging

Industry: Commercial

FullFill is both a new company and a new product, established by Evie Flynn – a Waterford native with an ambitious plan to support her dairy industry, and develop a sustainable local enterprise.

With origins in her rural upbringing, a focus on seasonal living and wellbeing – combined with an astute sense of the consumer market in large urban areas, Evie has developed a Greek-style yoghurt drink, combining locally produced whole milk with a protein hit.

The challenge was to name and create a brand and packaging design free from nostalgia, with stand-out in a very busy ‘Greek’ dairy category.

This narrative of healthy, filling and genuine is woven into the name and throughout the brand identity – and very contemporary, youthful and energetic packaging.