Funfonts Exhibition


Designed by Brenda Dermody and Louise Reddy at Technological University Dublin

Designer: Marwa Ali Noelle

Designer: Colin Bergin

Designer: Niamh Byrne

Designer: Micheal Carey

Designer: Eun Young Cho

Designer: Meghan Clapham

Designer: Toby Clarke

Designer: Leah Cleary

Designer: Louise Curtin

Designer: Jem Davis

Designer: Ciara Dooley

Designer: Rachel Finnegan

Designer: Audrey Gleeson

Designer: Aisling Hannon

Designer: Sophie Holden

Designer: Conor Jackson

Designer: Marzena Jurek

Designer: Jennifer Kavanagh

Designer: Eva Kearney

Designer: Niamh Murray

Designer: Ian Kelly

Designer: Shannon Kelly

Designer: Lydia Lynch

Designer: Sindija Matvejane

Designer: Emily McKeagney

Designer: Mary McMahon

Designer: Hannh McSherry

Designer: Eoin Moore

Designer: Fiona Moran

Designer: James Mullins

Designer: Molly Riordan

Designer: Jennifer Nulty

Designer: James O’Leary

Designer: Yosef Phelan

Designer: Conor Rice

Designer: Holly Stewart

Designer: Leah Sweeney

Designer: Robin Winchester

Categories: Promotional / Exhibition

Industry: Civic

Tags: Poster / Typography


‘Funfonts’ is a public-facing typographic exhibition by first-year Visual Communication students in the Dublin School of Creative Arts. It showcases a series of outcomes generated from a project spanning Typography and Design Applications modules. The project is designed to introduce students to the diverse range of facilities and opportunities offered by the DSCA. Using analogue means—papercuts and drawing—students investigate the design and construction of letterforms and develop an awareness of the visual grammar of type design. Their designs are digitally recreated, refined and reproduced in a broad range of media.

Curated and designed by Brenda Dermody and Louise Reddy the exhibition presents over 80 letterforms developed by 39 students working in the design studios, printmaking and 3D workshops. The exhibition includes an edition of silk-screened postcards, adhesive vinyl, laser cut card and an exquisite set of laser-cut acrylic characters displayed in custom-made vitrines, all produced on campus. This public exhibition will be displayed by the DSCA throughout 2019/2020 at TU Dublin cultural and industry events and open days.

With thanks to Anthony Collins, Mark Ennis, Liam Sharkey, Peter Maybury and John Walsh for their help and expertise.