Furthr brand Identity


Designed by Stephen Ledwidge at RichardsDee

Design: Amy O'Donnell

Design/Motion: Liam Willis

Creative Direction: Simon Richards

Strategy: Celine Dee

Categories: Identity

Industry: Corporate

Since 1988, Dublin BIC have provided ambitious founders with everything they need to start and scale their businesses. With the most comprehensive supports available to entrepreneurs in Ireland, Dublin BIC provide game-changing consulting, direct and leveraged funding, accelerator programmes and community building through live events.

We needed to simplify and celebrate Dublin BIC’s game changing impacts for founders, achieving an inspiring shift in perception and a compelling narrative reflecting their audience insights, core attributes and the real impacts they have been delivering to businesses since 1988.

Our detailed name development process was built to bring their core values, attributes, and benefits to life.  Focusing on the statement “We accelerate, fund and connect ambitious founders, enabling them to go further”, the evocative name Furthr was chosen, as well as the complementary proposition line: Accelerating, Funding, Connecting.

The new brand identity is a simple and impactful lettermark with a unique ‘U’ that physically grows. Symbolising how the organisation helps start-ups go further, the flexible and adaptable shape places founders and their ambitions at the centre of the brand.

Working with the new identity, we approached the wider brand assets including photography and messaging by focusing on Furthr’s three core areas of business: alumni, events and their team. The tone and language system centred on impact- and action-orientated language that reinforces Furthr’s truths and acts as a call to engagement for start-ups and investors.

The new name and brand empower the organisation and the ambitious founders they support to go further, together.