Future Proofed 2016


Designed by Aidan Moore, Eilidh Brosnahan and Euan Murphy

Web Development: Axel McHugh

Web Development: Ben McCarthy

Categories: Identity / Exhibition / Print / Environmental

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Poster

Website: wearefutureproofed.com/

This is a collaborative project designed by Euan Murphy, Eilidh Brosnahan and Aidan Moore. The goal was to create an identity that encapsulates what puts the IADT Visual Communications graduating class of 2016 above the rest.

The identity revolves around the idea that “We are Future Proofed", and expands on the “We are...” to include a large list of what sums us up as a class. Arrows are incorporated into the design to create a journey representative of the four years the class spent in the college, from newcomers to graduates. The project includes a triptych of posters, a website, social media campaign, exhibition graphics and signage.