FuturEnergy Ireland


Designed by Al Murphy and David Stanley at Red Dog

Developer: David Stanley

Categories: Website / Identity

Industry: Corporate

Tags: Website / Motion / Climate Change / Environmental / Brand Identity / Logotype

Website: futurenergyireland.ie/

With the launch of the Irish Climate Action Plan, outlining our national commitment to reaching net zero emissions by 2050, it's clear that the scale of the challenge ahead will require new partnerships, technologies and solutions. Coillte and ESB have come together on a new venture that will maximise the potential of Ireland's wind and forestry resources and propel Ireland to a sustainable, green energy economy.

The first task was naming the venture. FuturEnergy is an amalgam name that gives us hope and spirit to look to the new possibilities for our energy source, for living our lives. It represents a commitment to sustainable energy, managing and pioneering changes and new technologies.

We designed a logo that captures the personality of FuturEnergy Ireland, establishing it as its own unique identity, independent of the two well-known brands behind it. We also sought to avoid the sense of 'sameness' that often characterises the visual and verbal imagery of the renewable sector while maintaining an implied sense of Irishness about the venture.

The first principle of thermodynamics states that "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, it can only be converted to something else". Inspired by this, we explored how a turbine converts wind to electricity, creating a graphic solution inspired by the concept of wind 'particles' and how they are harvested to power everyday life. This is a clean and friendly typographic mark with custom FE letterforms that allude to a visual interpretation of this equation. The FE letterforms in isolation also lend themselves to a robust graphic abbreviation for social media. The colour palette is a fresh take on green – a confident nod to Irishness with a contemporary twist. With its energetic visual language, this solution is contemporary with the potential for infinite dynamic configurations. The wind particles can move, scale and wrap around imagery in limitless ways, evoking a sense of clean boundless energy that helps Ireland and its people to thrive more sustainably.

We set the wind particles in motion on FuturEnergy Ireland's temporary website which we designed and developed.