G-MAC Apparel


Designed by Eamonn Hall at Atomic

Photography: Collin Hughes

Copywriting: Jack Walsh

Printing: Plus Print Ltd.

Categories: Print

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Sport

Atomic Sport have been working with the golfer Graeme McDowell for a number of years on a range of branding, print and web projects. This is a lookbook for Graeme's fashion range, G-MAC Apparel, and captures the golfer during a typical day in his home in Florida, on his local course and travelling to a competition.

The cover is printed on 550gsm navy blue, Keaykolour Antique with a debossed and varnished logo. The inner Pages are printed using 4 colour lithogrpahy on 170gsm Munken Polar. The book is perfect bound with an exposed spine.