GAAGO (2015)

Designed by Shane Delahunty at RTÉ Digital

Site Development: Freeman Contingent

Categories: Website

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Interactive


For many years RTÉ received weekly requests from Irish people abroad looking for the ability to watch live GAA games from the comfort of their own homes. Launched in 2013, GAAGO is a partnership between RTÉ and the GAA that allows this to happen.

GAAGO aims to deliver simple and instant access to reliable, high quality streamed GAA games via any device that a customer could want to access it through. In order to achieve this, a website and simple visual identity were designed and developed by RTÉ Digital.

The site focuses on stability of service, ease of use, and a code generation based payment process to allow quick access to live GAA games in as few steps as possible. The visual language reinforces these aims to allow simple messaging to stand out while also making connections back to Ireland and the GAA.

This project displays an iteration of the GAAGO site that was live between October and December 2015.