Gate Theatre Rebrand


Designed by Cillian Griffith at Midnight

Categories: Identity

Industry: Cultural


In 2017, Selina Cartmell became director of the Gate Theatre, the first female director in the theatres history. Her first season, titled “The Outsider” saw the theatre move in a bold new direction and a new brand was needed to reflect this bold move.

The solution came from taking inspiration from the theatres rich past and combining this with the new bold approach. The new identity has been crafted in a typographical form to play on the concept of the characters being front and centre, like in a play.

The characters were drawn to have a classical feel, to pay homage to the rich history of the Theatre, but they are shedding their skin to represent the new direction and create a visually appealing and sharp logo form.

The black and white colour palette is consciously simple allowing the logo to be cut apart to create bold patterns which can be applied to branded items and across digital media.

The new direction of the theatre, backed by a new identity has seen a significant surge in audience numbers, with the first sell out production of the in decades with the Great Gatsby, which ran from July to September of 2017.