Geometric Tree


Designed by Brian Kenny at Lightscape

Production, Event Design & Concept: Tom Rohan, Eventco

Content Direction & Mapping: Brian Kenny

Projectionist: Chip Devitt, Cavs

Motion Designer: Sergey Maslov

Motion Designer: Carla Soriani

Motion Designer: Ciaran O'Connor

Motion Designer: Lucas Lupo

Categories: Moving Image / Experience

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Art direction / Festival / Event / Visual Communications / Motion / Environmental / Development / Motion Design / Animation / Projection / Installation / Design / Set Design / Motion graphics

We collaborated with the DCC and Eventco to design content for the geometric festive tree which acted as a focal point at the Winterlights event in Merrion Square throughout December. The animations for this projection were developed to give a magical feel to the event, with colourful festive decorations, an underwater paradise and floating landscapes wrapping around the geometric canvas and closing out the Winterlights trail.