2021 Selection

Designed by Emma Conway at IMMA

Categories: Environmental / Identity / Exhibition

Industry: Cultural

The exhibition Ghosts from the Recent Past explores how urgencies of the recent past continue to inhabit the present. Framed by key political events over the past 40 years, both in Ireland and further afield, it focuses on artworks from the IMMA Collection from the 1980s to the present day. These works tell stories of colonisation and contested borders, of human relationships to the environment, of radical self-representation in the face of patriarchal systems and of love.

My task was to create a cohesive narrative from start to finish creating a link between each work and each room. The design couldn't interfere with the artworks but had to weave in and out of the work exhibited. Taking the idea of “ghosts” or remnants of thepast as a starting point the design of the identity was based around the idea of interactions between different space and timeframes and the overlaps and gradients that they create. The entire space was considered, from the colour of the walls to the duotone carpet design and the information panels. Jordan Ralph assisted on the production of the glass panels and helped to bring the idea to life.

Photography: Ros Kavanagh