2015 Selection

Designed by Emma Wilson at RichardsDee

Photographer: Vanessa Carvelho

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Giraffe is Ireland’s longest established childcare provider and operates twenty one centres in the Greater Dublin area. Our brief was to rebrand Giraffe, elevating the quality of care the team provide and showcase the wealth of positive experiences both children and parents have with the brand.

Our first step was to visit the centres and it became evident very quickly that the concepts of nurture, family and partnership are at the heart of the brand. We built these concepts into our typographic treatment through the relationship between our two giraffes. The giraffes personify the caring and protective relationship between parent and child which transfers to carer and child at morning drop offs.

We commissioned photography of the children interacting, playing and learning which captures the atmosphere of magic and wonder in the centres. Energy, creativity and warmth is brought through our dynamic colour palette, abstracted giraffe pattern and friendly typography creating a system that exudes confidence and emphasizes Giraffes impressive credentials. The tagline ‘Childcare that shapes a lifetime’ acknowledges the importance of those formative years and highlights the emphasis Giraffe places on the skills required to serve children into the future.