Goat in the Boat


Designed by Elizabeth Burgess at Slater Design

Creative Director: Kathryn Wilson

Set by the harbour in the picturesque, seaside village of Skerries, North Co. Dublin, Goat in the Boat is an emporium of objets d'arts & interior design furniture. Opening its doors in October 2016 we were delighted to be involved in the branding and stationery design. The shop receives its name from a legend that while Saint Patrick was working as a missionary off the coast of Skerries, the people of the town sailed out to his Island and stole his only companion, a goat.

Inspiration for the design came from Celtic knots and traditional Irish typography. Bold type accompanied by the Celtic knot logo mark references the history of Skerries while giving it a contemporary feel. Orange string is used throughout the project to hint at the bright orange nets used by the fishermen in the area. The pattern used throughout the materials references the sea but also alludes to the soft furnishings and woven blankets the shop sells.