Goblin Skateboard Magazine (2018)


Designed by Colin Farmer and Aidan Moore at Unthink

Curator: Philip Halton

Categories: Printed Publication

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography

The first Irish skateboarding magazine in over a decade was released in December 2018. Goblin seeks to explore the unique perspective of a skateboarder’s relationship to architecture and the cityscapes they inhabit. This commentary leads to discussions around the growing shortage of public space and the saga-like battles faced when engaging with local councils. A gallery, events, art, stories, experiences and contemporary topics are explored throughout the publication, highlighting the creativity inherent in the skateboarding community.

The format and specification were chosen to differentiate the publication from handmade zines and the advertising-driven magazines which proliferate the space. Imagery was layered, inferring the building of something piece by piece, a reference to the DIY attitude at the core of Irish skateboarding. A gestural calligraphic serif was used for the masthead and internal credits, referencing the graft and hands-on nature of the activity.