Good 50X70

Designed by Conor Clarke and Stephen Kavanagh at Design Factory

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Industry: Cultural

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2010 posters

Milano (Italy) – The Good 50x70 jury selected 210 posters among the submissions received in response to the call for entries. The posters demonstrate greater awareness and passion for social change and for the message chosen by their partner organisations.

2357 posters were submitted from 70 countries around the world.

The 210 posters include 30 from each of the seven briefs promoted for 2010:

Design Factory’s Conor Clarke and Stephen Kavanagh both had their posters selected as best in categories, Conors for ‘Play for Africa' (Endorsed by AMREF) and Stephen’s for ‘Whale shortage: a sanctuary empties by the day’ (Endorsed by GREENPEACE) which subsequently was also used by Greenpeace Italy for one of their initiatives.