Grant Thornton HQ Environmental Graphics


Designed by Brian Nolan, Paul McBride, Sally Caulwell, Naoise Ó Conchubhair, Eoin Cummins and Ross Phelan at Detail. Design Studio

Copywriting: Henrietta McKervey

Type Designer: Max Phillips

Categories: Environmental

Industry: Commercial

We were commissioned to develop an environmental graphics system for Grant Thornton’s Headquarters on City Quay, Dublin. Working alongside the internal brand managers, we developed an overall theme for the new building based around its location and a wish to express a sense of Irishness in what is a global organisation.

We developed a graphic identity for the building which could work alongside the existing brand assets while bringing an added sense of personality to the space. Each floor was given a sub theme; art & literature, sport, music etc. and this was expressed through large typographic and illustrative wall graphics sensitive to interior design scheme and appropriate to working environment and office culture.

We used Signal Type Foundry’s Pressio, a robust display font, in all it’s many weights as the foundation to the design approach. The typeface, designed here in Dublin, was the perfect fit for the building Irish theme.

Each floor is subtly distinct with individual pattern and icons derived from a modern interpretation of celtic knot-work. These components along with a restrained use of colour coding throughout each floor were then applied to wayfinding, glass manifestations and privacy panels.

A more expressive form of illustration and typography were applied to the micro-kitchens, gym areas and games room to differentiate from the main office space, add character and ultimately reflecting how these spaces are used socially. This approach was extended to the stairwells with large format floor numerals alongside playful typographic treatments as a way of encouraging people to use keep the steps up and use the stairs.