Gravity (2011)

2011 Selection

Designed by Peter Maybury at Peter Maybury

publisher: Crawford Gallery

repro and print: MM Artbook printing & repro

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

ISBN: 978-1-874756-09-5

run: 500 copies

size: 156 x 234mm portrait

extent: 56pg. + endpapers + covers


4 page cover with cloth in spine and cutflush 3mm board on front and 1,5mm on back cover Printed : 1/0 (black) onto 135grs Munken Pure


2 x 4 pages unprinted Munken Pure 135grs


A) 16 pages Munken Pure 80grs (1 x 12pg. and 1 x 4pg.) printed 1/1 black

B) 16 pages Munken Pure 135grs (2 x 8pg.) printed 1/1 black

C) 16 pages Munken Pure 170grs (2 x 8pg.) printed 4/4 CMYK

D) 8 pages Munken Pure 200grs (1 x 8pg.) printed 1/1 black


threadsewn, cut-flush, black cloth spine