Great Lighthouses of Ireland

Designed by Rocky Grennell and Hilary Goudie at designworks

Genesis: Strategy

Mark Byrne: Account Director

Clare Mason: Project Manager

BigO Media: Website & Video

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial


‘Great Lighthouses of Ireland’ is a new all-island tourism initiative developed by the Commissioners of Irish Lights, the General Lighthouse Authority for the island of Ireland.

While acknowledged by the client as being a tourism brand, a key requirement for the project was to increase the profile and understanding amongst the visiting public as to the work of Irish Lights – with their commitment to safeguarding seafarers as relevant now as it was 200 years ago.

This narrative of past and future is woven into the brand identity – what could have been a heritage-based tourism icon became something much more contemporary, relevant and striking.

Themes of light, beacons and discovery are interlaced within the mark, producing shards of colour and layers of intrigue, which are used throughout the design system.

The brand positioning, developed by Genesis of “Ireland’s breath-taking elemental experience”, laid the foundation for our creative process.