Guinness Storehouse experience visual


Designed by Chris Flynn and Eamonn Finn at In the Company of Huskies

Lauren O'Neill: illustrator

Ross Giles: art director

Rob McBride: copywriter

Categories: Promotional / Social Media

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Illustration / Advertising / Animation

We partnered with leading Irish Illustrator Lauren O’Neill to create a modern illustrated representation of the Guinness Storehouse experience that gives a nod to the humour and iconic brand world of Guinness Illustrator, John Gilroy.

The image flows from bottom to top representing the journey of a visitor through The Storehouse and featuring many of the numerous attractions contained within. Organic textures and expressive brush strokes combine with flat graphic elements to create a handcrafted yet modern representation of the vibrant Storehouse experience.

The illustration was developed with a modular structure so we were able to create still and animated edits suitable for a wide variety of contexts across OOH, digital OOH, digital display and social.