2022 Selection

Designed by Shane Bonfield (Freelance)

Featured Contributors: Samuel Arnold Keane, Cathryn Bell, Rebecca Broomfield, Enda Burke, Diarmuid Cawley, Dan Conroy, Eoghan Conway, Julia Gelezova, Jane Gleeson, Lara Hanlon, Lotte Magnus, Amy McKeogh, Jennie Moran, Victory Nwabu-Ekeoma, Ian Ryan

Photographic Contributor: Rudy DeSouza

Illustrations Contributors: Conor Nolan, Zie Kirk, Stacy Kim, Dan Conroy

Categories: Printed Publication / Print / Editorial / Publication

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Food and drink / Publishing


Guzzle is a new art and food publication by Above the Fold that explores the intersection of gastronomy and society through the lens of visual culture. The inaugural issue Mementoes of Food shares stories from chaotic kitchens to dining traditions that prevail during times of sorrow. Each piece contributes to a wider conversation about the role of food in creating lifelong memories. 

Created and edited by Jane Gleeson, the publication presents diverse perspectives from contemporary Ireland with a compilation of essays, interviews, recipes, and a poem written with the intention of tantalising the reader’s thoughts and tastebuds. From the simple but essential joy of dining with friends to comforts that provide respite in times of unease, food and memory are intrinsically linked and provide connections to the past that span generations.

It was printed and produced in Dublin, and was launched in the Hen’s Teeth with a panel discussion on the state of contemporary Irish food culture. It was available to purchase at the Dublin Art Book Fair, and in the Library Project.