Hang Tough FIX Exhibition (2019)

2019 Selection

Designed by Colin Farmer, Noelle Cooper and Chris Fullam at Unthink

Curator: Johnny Savage

Printer: Impress

Categories: Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Photography

FIX was a group show curated by photographer Johnny Savage which took place in Hang Tough Gallery, featuring the work of Ciarán Óg Arnold, Megan Doherty, Cáit Fahey, Rich Gilligan and Johnny himself. Each artist was invited to present images that have emerged through their own practice that somehow did not fit into a finished series. By focusing on these in between moments a narrative is presented that blurs the lines of the photo project and celebrates stepping into the unknown.

The exhibition catalog embraces this notion, presenting a vague X on the cover which later reveals itself to be last lettering of the shows title, FIX. Inside, the photographers' work is juxtaposed to create new compositions, which blur the lines and create or infer connections. A utilitarian typographic coding, captions the work and furthers adds to the sense of unease.