Hanley's Traditional Family Butchers


Designed by David Walsh at Greenhouse

Illustration: David Walsh

Categories: Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Illustration

The Hanley family are very proud of their position within the Mitchelstown community. They have occupied a place in the communities heart and on the main street since 1957. They rare their own meat and as such are very proud of their produce and confidently know that they can put their name on it.

Wanting to move their brand into a wider market, they came to Greenhouse for a rebrand of their meats range. We knew that after some research we had to show the pride they had for their position within the community. From this a fun and impactful design drawing influence from their original shop front was born. We built a world of rural Ireland into their packs with illustrations of ionic Irish features from a 50’s style car to the old telephone boxes representing the very Irish world that exists for Hanley’s and their family heritage.

Having this product for sale in gourmet food halls, supermarkets and their own store alike meant this portrayal of Hanley’s Traditional Family Butcher life would be highly recognisable and indeed clearly tell people that this is a place of provenance and heritage accompanied with their own personalty.