Happen - co-work spaces


Designed by Conor Buckley, Hugh Heffernan and Victoria Brunetta at Piquant Media

Web Development: Pawel Bogucki

Categories: Website / Identity

Industry: Civic

Tags: Website / Print / Brand Identity / Brand

Website: happenspace.ie/

Happen is a network of high-quality co-work spaces in the Midwest of Ireland. Happen creates flexible spaces so members can collaborate, innovative and access workspace across the region.

The aim is to support regional communities and challenge the traditional urban-rural divides by offering flexible work location solutions for employees, sole-traders, think-tanks and research groups outside the main urban settings. 

As we developed the brand we explored ideas of location, movement, collaboration and serendipitous interaction. It was important that the brand could communicate and engage strongly in the digital and physical space, on its own and beside partner brands.

The outcome is a highly flexible identity system that can be both playful and discreet.