Hatch & Sons (2015)

Designed by Trevor Finnegan at Revert Design

Categories: Identity

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Food and drink

Website: hatchandsons.co/

Hatch & Sons is an Irish Kitchen based on St. Stephen's Green in Dublin. The name Hatch & Sons comes from a dairy that existed in the late 19th century on nearby Leeson Street. Owned by two brothers, they subsequently bought an arable farm north of Dublin and raised beef cattle. For the branding of this project we decided to find out as much as possible about this old dairy and base the menu design around what the old dockets and invoices of the dairy might have looked like. During the research we were contacted by a relative of the original Hatch family who sent us some very old photos of the original owners. Hatch & Sons is about celebrating Irish ingredients, however it is not just about beef and Guinness stew. Our design for the project had to be modern in approach whilst having a strong traditional style and maintaining a link to the look and feel of the original Hatch & Sons.