Help My Kid Learn

2012 Selection

Designed by Scott Burnett and Shane Delahunty at Aad

Web Development: Kevin Horan

Categories: Identity

Industry: Charitable

Tags: Digital


Help My Kid Learn is an initiative to deliver resources to parents, to well, help their kids to learn. At the heart of the project was the idea that the whole project should be as clear, simple and easy a proposition as ’5-a-day’ is for eating fruit. We worked with NALA from an early stage, helping them make sense of how to deliver on the idea, to make it simple for people to understand and use, and to bring it to life. A simple guided website means that users never feel lost can easily grasp the idea and use it anywhere (a very simple mobile site means parents can use it on the bus or in the park as well as at home.) We developed a group of characters, one for each area of learning on the site to deepen the sense of a guided journey (and give the kids something to laugh at while they’re learning).