Henry Denny's Meat Masters - Rustic Rotisserie


Designed by David Walsh at Greenhouse

Creative Director: Richie Ryan

Categories: Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Henry Denny, for generations a name synonymous with Irish cooked meats. And in recent times, a household name associated with the everyday packed lunch. When Kerry Foods tasked us to generate an over-arching brand that would realign Henry Denny with a range premium cooked meats, a new challenge was born. We had to reinstate the craft and the generations of mastery that may have been lost over the years of it being on the mantle of ‘everyday convenience’.

There was an opportunity for Henry Denny to own the phrase ‘master of meats’ but also to tell more of his story, a story that was very much founded in a time where butchery was a craft. From this Henry Denny Meat Masters was born.

The first instalment under the Henry Denny Meat Masters brand were rotisserie cooked meats, thickly sliced and bursting with tender flavour. The main challenge outlined to us by Kerry Foods was to make a brand and visual language that would target our more urban based, younger audience and upset the category with a real game changer. Interesting and geometric representation of the animals, vibrant colours and the use of matte gold foil help these packs stand out on the shelves and make sandwiches brimming with premium and unique flavour.