2019 Selection

Designed by Finn Caird, Isidora Duran Stewart and Irene Mansoldo at Hoax

cover type design: Rudy de Souza

Categories: Printed Publication / Print

Industry: Cultural

Tags: Typography / Visual art

Hoax is an environmental publication and cross-disciplinary project, it combines academic philosophy and contemporary design, acting as an all-inclusive platform for those who are environmentally engaged in Ireland, as well as providing a commentary on the current climate discourse. It tackles the broad disconnection felt between ourselves and our environment and reinforces the importance of community.

Hoax is divided into four sections: uncertainty, connectivity, community, and transgression, it is content focused and embraces clarity in its design and presentation of each contributor while incorporating some playful typographic elements. A consistent narrative is maintained throughout which guides the reader through the different ways in which Irish society is dealing with climate change, beginning with distrust and uncertainty, and ending with a subversive, yet hopeful message. Hoax does not support one idea over another but highlights Irish climate discourse through the medium of the publication while promoting grassroots thinking and creativity as an alternative to disunity and panic.

It is non-profit and all sales go back into printing production. It is currently being stocked in The Library Project, The Douglas Hyde Gallery (Dublin) and Badly Made Books (Cork).