Hollow Leg

2022 Selection

Designed by Seán O'Beacháin at So Studio

Animation & Website: David Pakenham

Photography: Al Higgins

Label Printing: Labeltech

Categories: Identity / Packaging

Industry: Commercial

Tags: Food and drink

Website: drinkhollowleg.com/

Hollow Leg is about taking non-alcoholic wines to a completely new territory. We wanted the design to communicate that this non-alcoholic wine would take you to a place you had never been before; a new, tastier, and healthier place. It was important that the design was fun, vibrant, and positive. So much of what the client didn’t like about the non-alcohol space was how boring and joyless it all seemed.

The idea behind Hollow Leg wasn’t to demonise drinking but to make moderation an easier choice. Part of that experience is picking up something that actually looks interesting and communicates you can still have some fun!

The phrase Hollow Leg is often used to describe somebody who can drink endless amounts. We thought it would be a nice twist to take a phrase associated with excess and give it an entirely different meaning. 

The three-dimensional patterns and holographic foil create vibrant impact, while the tactile combination of embossed foil and debossed patterns, paired with a textured stock creates a sense of premium sophistication.  

Printed corks and colour-matched caps for the sparkling wines ensure additional stand-out.

The “Everything but Alcohol” tagline was developed and housed within a circular stamp, subtly referencing the zero alcohol content. 

A series of 3d tunnel-like animations, using text and patterns, was created for use on social media.